It is on the shores of Port Rhu you will discover the Anne Marine Sellerie workshop and Sac & Ressac shop.




Created in 2008 our studio has developed its nautical upholstery business in Douarnenez, rich port of ancient maritime culture.With our customers we sought solutions for end of life materials. The creation of articles made of sails occurred naturally.The diversity of sailcloth (dacron, mylar, kevlar, carbon, cuben, cotton) that experienced the wind and spray continue their journeys as unique items: bags, cushions, lamps, frames, accessories, garden furniture. .. the upholstery foam falls are also revalued in the packing ottomans and cushions.




Brand Sac & Ressac was created under the leadership of Patricia. The team consists today of three passionate women.

Sailer and sellière, Patricia makes bags from the 80s, originally with traditional sails, as formerly sailors sewed their packages. In love with the sea and boats, color and shapes, her creativity is expressed also with modern sails.

Sophie declines talents through seamanship and making baskets, bags, made from racing sails. The oceans and travel are reflected in her designs.

Anne kept the faithful memory of a grandmother seamstress and began the upholstery. She discovers the marine environment and her qualities of technique and know-how, she creates objects of decoration and furnishings.




You also share the journey of these sails and let yourself be charmed by the creations

Sac & Ressac